Artifex Industries is based in Cairo – Egypt. With practicality in mind, our bespoke designs ensure that every experience is tailor made to fit our end- user’s needs, offering a one-stop shop curated solution for all client needs and requirements, with various woodwork services ranging from kitchens to TV units.


Moreover, we use the highest technological advancements and machinery in both our process and innovations, presenting unparalleled features that suits all tastes and budgets. Primarily, our goal is to bring expertise and innovation in the field of wood industry, introducing the highest innovative thinking and execution that meets international standards in the Egyptian market and the region.


Adopting a modern approach with a deep-rooted knowledge in the industry has allowed our brand to gain the expertise that we lead with today.


Authentic and transparent, our team is one that promises high service quality, as well as a speedy delivery. All of which we owe an experience ranging across the entirety of the Middle East and Africa, producing all your required essentials.


With two ISO certifications as well as solutions such as LEAN manufacturing, today we are proud be leaders and visionaries who exist to undo old systems and ways of thinking in favor of progress and innovation. We are here to maintain an honest and fair work environment between team members, suppliers, and end users.

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